Prostate Health and Curcumin


Curcumin & Lycopene Aid Prostate Health & Issues (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)



This video features Dr. Chad Larson, who is the director of nutrition, Pure Prescriptions, where he discusses prostate problems in men and he looks at issues like urinary incontinence and bladder problems and talks about what naturally products can be of benefit and why they are of benefit for healthy prostate function.

The prostate gland is a little gland below the bladder and it produces part of the the seminal fluid during male ejaculation.

The prostate gland is very important for this function but what happens is that the prostate gland swells up
and the urethra, theĀ  tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body, the prostate gland puts pressure on
the urethra and inhibits the normal flow of urine, plus it may cause pain, pressure and other such things when its swollen.

Products recommended
Prostate Elements – ingredients support prostrate tissue
Sulphur Meadow – helps block an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT which in elevated amounts is unhealthy for the prostrate gland.

In men often testosterone is converted into estrogen which in small amounts is okay but to much can cause swelling to the prostrate gland, so we need to minimize the negative effects of estrogen in men.

When estrogen breaks down it breaks down into metabolites, some are which are healthy and normal, and some of which are unhealthy and proliferative, and carcinogenic.

Product Recommended
Prostrate Elements – helps to ensure and promote the healthy breakdown of estrogen.
Grammanex – helps to improve the flow of urine in people with prostrate issues
Green Tea Extract – Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Curcumin – Antioxidant, helps to support the immune system and its anti inflammatory. There are very few natural remedies that do all three of these as good as Curcumin


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